Valvekliinik – personalized care in the centre of Tallinn


The highly experienced family physicians (GPs), specialist doctors and nurses at Valvekliinik are ready to help you with both urgent ailments and chronic illnesses. The patient’s needs are always our starting point, and we do our best to find a solution for each health problem. Our doctors and nurses will help to determine the most likely reason behind the patient’s health problem, assess the risks, and if necessary, provide instructions for further treatment or tests.

Private GP appointments 

We welcome both adults and children to reception. We offer treatment for all the usual cases that get treated by family physicians, as well as more urgent cases such as ear infections, back pain, mild burns, wound care etc.

Procedures and tests  

At Valvekliinik, we offer a wide range of examinations, procedures and analyzes to find out the nature of your health concerns. The results of the analysis will be received on the same day.

There is a separate Gynecology and Pregnancy Center at Valvekliinik, which welcomes all women with gynecological complaints or health-related questions.  The gynecologists at Valvekliinik carry out both prenatal and gynecological ultrasonic examination.

There is no X-ray available at Valvekliinik and with life-threatening injuries and illnesses, we recommend going to Emergency Medicine Center.

Fast, efficient health care

You can turn to our doctors and nurses on the same day without a prior appointment or book an appointment on our website for a time suitable for you. If visiting a doctor without a prior appointment, we will do our best to make sure that no patient will have to wait for more than 30 minutes for a doctor’s appointment.