The responsible processor of personal data is Valvekliinik OÜ, registry code 11576944, address Pärnu mnt 48a, Tallinn, who has undertaken to protect and respect Your privacy.

We collect the data requested on this website in order to provide a service to a person, to identify a person, to contact a person, or to resolve questions concerning a person. By using our website, You consent to Valvekliinik OÜ collecting and using data about You to fulfill the aforementioned purposes.

Valvekliinik OÜ is the processor of the personal data that is collected on this website. Valvekliinik OÜ complies with Estonian and European Union legislation when processing personal data of patients and entitled third parties. 
Valvekliinik OÜ uses the personal data of the Patient and entitled third parties for the purposes for which our center has collected this data and to the extent necessary to fulfill these purposes.

Sharing of personal data

Valvekliinik OÜ may share Your personal data with companies that offer us supportive services such as website analysts and companies offering customer service. The aforementioned companies are authorized to use personal data only for the purpose of providing services that have been requested by us. When selecting service providers, we ensure that the service provider is located in the European Economic Area. 

We may disclose Your personal information directly or indirectly to third parties if we use the services of third parties to develop and/or maintain our website and/or to provide web hosting or other technical services. We will only share Your personal information with third parties as described in this Privacy Statement. We will not sell Your personal information to third parties.

Valvekliinik OÜ shares personal data to the following recipients:

  • Service providers in order to fulfill obligations arising from laws; 
  • To related third persons, with the consent of the Patient;
  • Guardians;
  • Specialists;
  • Health Insurance Fund;
  • Health information system;

How Valvekliinik collects personal data

We collect personal data directly from subjects with their consent, either by e-mail, or by receiving feedback with the inquiry form (incl. agreeing to receive letters from us). In addition to that, we use automated data collection measures (for example Google Analytics, cookies (to record the usage of the webpage), and other monitoring methods, which help the usage optimization of Valvekliinik OÜ website and therefore help us offer high quality of services and comfortable navigation on the website for our clients. 

We use cookies on our website, which are voluntary for everyone visiting the website and which they can refuse.

An HTTP cookie is a small piece of data stored on the user’s computer (usually in Temporary files) by the web browser (for example Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera) while browsing a website ). Cookies help remember user preferences (font size, communication language, location of the computer, device information, most visited websites/addresses, etc.) to allow the user web browser (as mentioned before) faster and “smarter” operation. 
Web browsers are set to allow cookies by default, but there is also the option to manually change the settings so that the browser refuses cookies, blocks third-party cookies, or notifies the user of each cookie sent. If the last point is not activated, it is definitely recommended to do so in order to get an overview of the websites that store the user’s personal data.

A pixel tag is a small snippet of website code that allows You to set and read cookies. Pixel tags are triggered when, for example, a user opens an email and arrives at a website. It is then registered that the user has opened the e-mail or downloaded third-party cookies.

Cookies used by Valvekliinik OÜ:

Session cookies  (temporary cookies). Session cookies are temporary and disappear after You leave the website or close the web browser. Session cookies can be used for certain functions of the website, for logging in, and for the shopping cart. The reason for using them is to be able to provide our services.

Permanent cookies (with user agreement, they are saved on the user’s computer after the user closes the web browser) are used to remember the user options on Valvekliinik OÜ websites. Permanent cookies can for example be used to remember You as a repetitive visitor of the website (for example Google ReMarketing to use aftermarket features) and to adjust the contents of the website based on Your needs or to gather statistical data.

Cookies are used on our websites to provide the best user experience for Valvekliinik OÜ website visitors. Cookies allow our web servers to recognize the website of Valvekliinik OÜ and automatically adjust the content of the website (advertising displayed to the customer) to suit Your needs if You continue to visit the page and return to the page in the future. The use of cookies makes it easier to recognize the needs of the visitors of the website. Cookies help us gather user statistics, which makes it possible for us to measure and improve the efficiency of our website.

Cookies used by IMeedia Eesti can be created by different service providers, which help us develop our web services. These providers are for example Google and Facebook – read more about it in the topic “precise use of cookies”. 

Our website users are considered as agreeing to the cookies if their web browser settings are set to allow cookies. We cannot ensure that our website services and functions will work correctly for You if You do not agree to the use of cookies.

You can always decide Yourself, whether to allow cookies from Your web browser settings or not. If You do not wish to have cookies, edit Your web browser settings to automatically decline all cookies or asks You whenever a website wishes to request permission for using cookies. Please read the help instructions of Your web browser for more information on how to make these adjustments.

Precise use of cookies by Valvekliinik OÜ:

Analytical cookies. These gather data about website usage – which pages the users go to and how much time is spent there; which are the most popular pages; what is searched on the website; etc. Analytical cookies do not collect information in order to be able to directly identify the user of the website. An example of analytical cookies is Google Analytics cookies. Valvekliinik OÜ websites use Google Analytics data, which is mainly gathered with services provided by Google Analytics and to which Google Analytics terms apply. To protect the website from improper use, we use the tool Google reCAPTCHA, which collects hardware and software data, such as device and application data and service integrity checks, as well as unique web identifiers such as IP address, and sends this data to Google for analysis. By the use of this service (“cookies” activated), You agree to the transfer of personal data to Google Analytics in order to verify the integrity of the service and to take only the steps necessary to use the website safely.

Advertising cookies. They allow the website to offer advertising based on the user’s interests (show them in some ad network). The user has the right to refuse to save cookies on the computer. The user needs to change their web browser settings in order to refuse. The manuals to adjust the web browser settings for the most popular browsers:

Opera: ;
Crome Explorer: ;

When blocking the cookies, You have to take into consideration that not all website functions may be available later. Cookies can be manually activated again later from the web browser if the need arises.

Purposes for gathering and processing personal data of a patient

We may gather and process the following data tied to You:

  • Information that You present or have previously presented on our website, including information presented via interactive applications (for example form for renewal of repeat prescriptions);
  • If you have contacted us via e-mail, we may store the e-mail collaboration and all of its contents;
  • Data on visits to this website, including web traffic data, location data, blogs, and other data related to the exchange of information, which we need for settlements or other purposes related to Valvekliinik OÜ.

We gather and process patient personal data for the following purposes:

  • In order to fulfill obligations rising from the law;
  • To form a health card;
  • To register for medical services;
  • To provide medical services;
  • To provide emergency first aid;
  • To provide a referral to a specialist;
  • To perform necessary analyses;
  • To compile lists;
  • To forward invoices;

Processing personal data of a patient in order to form a health card

In order to form a health card, Valvekliinik OÜ collects the following personal data from You:

  • First and last name;
  • Birthday, -month, and –year;
  • Personal identification code;
  • The address for the minor’s place of residence, also the place of residence registered in the passport;
  • Phone number and if possible, the place of residence registered in the passport;
  • The name of childcare institution, school, or workplace;
  • Name of workplace and title for working patients;
  • In case of permanent incapacity for work, the percentage of incapacity for work needs to be indicated;
  • In case of disability, the severity of the registered disability;
  • Type of state pension, number of the pension certificate, and name of the issuer;
  • The date of registering the patient in the patient list
  • The first and last name, and the phone number of the patient’s family physician;
  • Any allergies to medication or foods;
  • Blood type and Rh affiliation;
  • For regularly used medicines – the name of the medicine, the name of the active substance, the form of medication, single dosage amount, daily dosage amount;
  • Immunization dates and names of vaccines;
  • Any health risks like smoking, under- or overweight, alcohol or substance use;
  • Occupational and workplace hazards such as noise, vibration, chemicals, radiation, asbestos, forced posture, weight lifting, physical and mental overload, and other health hazards;
  • Any surgical operations;
  • Anamnesis;
  • Names of any diagnosed illnesses;
  • Results of any examinations, testing, and consultations;
  • When writing an incapacity for work certificate, its number, start and end dates, issue of a duplicate; the reason, content, and duration for temporary relief of working conditions or transfer to another job (start and end dates) if the doctor or midwife decides on the need for it;
  • Name and quantity of the medicinal product when issuing a prescription; in the case of a prescription for a medicinal product to be reimbursed by the Health Insurance Fund, also the prescription number and the discount rate.

Ways of using the data on the website

Valvekliinik OÜ can use data about You to:

  • Provide the contents of our website for the most efficient way for You and Your computer;
  • To contact You in regards to questions about the functionality of the website and technical questions regarding the use of the website;
  • To fulfill duties that we have based on the contracts between us;
  • To give You the option to use our interactive applications, if You would like to,
  • To advise You of changes to our services;

We may use Your data for statistical purposes in order to collect concentrated data about the browsing activities and habits of the people who visit our website. This data cannot be used to identify individual users.

Data entered on other websites

The articles on this website may contain embedded content from other sources (for example videos, pictures, articles, etc.). The content from other sources acts in the same way as if the user would be using this content on the source page. These websites may collect information about You, use cookies, add third-party tracking, and monitor Your interactions with this embedded content, including Your interactions with the embedded content.

How long does Valvekliinik OÜ store Your data?

Valvekliinik OÜ does not store any data collected on our website for longer than we would need for the purpose of the data collection and the purposes for obligations deriving from laws.

In case that we have fulfilled the purpose of data collection, we will delete all unnecessary personal data as follows:

  • The health card and personal data collected on it will be stored for at least 110 years from the date of birth of the patient;
  • The data of a third entitled person * appointed by the Patient shall be deleted by revoking the consent of the entitled person, revoking the Patient’s authorization, or the death of the Patient;

*Third entitled person – a person who is entitled to receive special types of personal data about the Patient with the consent and authorization of the Patient.

Legal basis for the processing of personal data

  • Valvekliinik OÜ has the right to process special types of personal data for a patient based on the Health Services Organisation Act;
  • Valvekliinik OÜ has the right to process personal data (which does not belong to special types of personal data) in accordance with the procedure for documenting the provision of health care services and the conditions for storing these documents.
  • The personal data of a third entitled person are processed according to the entitled person’s agreement and the Patient’s wishes.
  • Personal data is processed in order to fulfill other obligations arising from the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

Your rights

Valvekliinik OÜ finds that the rights of the subjects of personal data are important. The rights you have regarding your personal data are listed below:

  • You have the right to contact Valvekliinik OÜ at any time regarding any questions You may have regarding the processing of personal data, by e-mailing the address
  • You have the right to request for Valvekliinik OÜ to stop processing or to delete Your data (right to be forgotten).
  • You have the right to tick a certain box on the forms to block the processing/collection of personal data.
  • You have the right to contact Valvekliinik OÜ at any time to update your personal data, if it has changed.
  • You have the right to know whether we have any data regarding You, to access this data, and demand that it is corrected, in case there are any mistakes in it.
  • You have the right to request the deletion or blocking of Your personal data if the processing is not in compliance with the applicable legal requirements regarding privacy.
  •  You have the right to turn to the Data Protection Inspectorate in connection with complaints concerning the processing of personal data.

Any inquiries regarding processing data are replied to within 14 working days since receiving the inquiry. If the person submitting the request sends redundant, identical, and overly burdensome inquiries, Valvekliinik OÜ has the right to charge a reasonable fee for answering the inquiry.

In case that Valvekliinik OÜ is unable to satisfy the submitted request, any reasons for the refusal shall be provided.

Changing the procedure for personal data protection of Valvekliinik OÜ

Valvekliinik OÜ can change the Privacy Policy at any time based on the personal data protection requirements.

Valvekliinik will publish the updated version of the Privacy Policy on their website.

Contacts of Valvekliinik OÜ

In case You have any questions, remarks, or information regarding personal data protection, please e-mail us at