Valvekliinik – personalized care in the centre of Tallinn


The gynecologists of Valvekliinik deal with all gynecological problems. Our goal is to provide professional help as soon as a woman needs it. Because of that, our patients can turn to us with questions that need a quick solution such as problems with vaginal flow, stomach pain, menstrual cycle issues, pregnancy confirmation, issues during pregnancy, and questions about contraception. We also advise on menopausal transition issues and ways to alleviate them. If necessary, we prescribe systemic or local hormone replacement therapy.

The special thing about our Gynecology and Pregnancy Center in Valvekliinik is that our patients have the chance to immediately turn to a general practitioner in Valvekliinik, in case a gynecologist does not find that their stomach pain is caused by gynecological issues. This also works the other way around – the general practitioner can refer to a gynecologist from the Valvekliinik, if needed. In addition to that, it is very comfortable to book a time to a Valvekliinik ultrasound doctor in case the gynecologist or the general practitioner feels the need to perform an ultrasound examination of the abdomen, thyroid gland, or other organs.

In addition, we can complete all the necessary tests (for example, urine test, blood inflammation indicator) to clarify the diagnosis.