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We welcome women of all ages to our gynaecology appointments. We recommend that the patients turn to the gynaecologist for the first time before starting a sex life to consult the doctor regarding contraception.

A healthy woman should visit a gynaecologist at least once every three years. If there are any complaints, women should always turn to a gynaecologist. 

If you have any gynaecological illnesses or are at risk of having them, you should see a doctor more often. In this case, the gynaecologist will draw up an individual follow-up plan.

If necessary, we will also perform a vaginal ultrasound during the visit, which will allow us to accurately check the structure of the uterus and ovaries and thus often helps find a reason for possible complaints.

We perform cervical cancer screening and take tests to detect sexually transmitted diseases.

Gynaecologists appointment
75 €
Diagnostic ultrasound done during a gynaecologists’ appointment
40 €
Ultrasound to detect pregnancy
40 €