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When you have taken a home pregnancy test and that has come back as positive, we recommend that you book an appointment with a gynaecologist. The first visit could happen between 6 to 9 weeks of the pregnancy. At that point, it is possible to perform an ultrasound examination to confirm the size and location of the pregnancy. The fetus becomes visible at approximately 6 weeks. The first visit can already cover the pregnancy monitoring plan and the gynaecologist can introduce and explain the examinations and tests performed during the pregnancy. Gynaecologists monitor the pregnancy at Valvekliinik.

If the pregnancy test has come back as positive, but there are stomach pains or bleeding from the vagina, the woman should turn to the gynaecologist as quickly as possible.

It is not possible to abort the pregnancy at Valvekliinik. We can advise on emergency contraception and the gynaecologist can insert a copper IUD as an emergency procedure after unprotected intercourse. We consult regarding contraceptive methods and help make the choice based on individual needs.

If you are considering abortion, you can confirm the pregnancy and have necessary tests made at Valvekliinik. Then, our gynaecologists can consult regarding your options from that point onwards.

Gynaecologists appointment
75 €
Ultrasound to detect pregnancy
40 €