Valvekliinik – personalized care in the centre of Tallinn


The concierge doctor’s service is an exclusive and popular healthcare service, where the patient has fast access to medical assistance from a doctor.

  • 24/7 comfortable communication with the doctor via email, phone or video chat
  • Appointment with the personal doctor on the same day
  • House calls
  • Comfortable and fast access to specialists
  • All services in one place
  • Newest diagnostic equipment for examinations and assessing treatment options

The concierge doctor’s service is a special service and we can assess whether it is suitable, when we have discussed the client’s individual or their family’s needs. Each doctor can only accept a limited number of patients to their care to ensure that they can offer good quality and special boutique healthcare service.

Concierge doctor services by Dr. Ingmar Lindström
from 100€
Concierge doctor services by Dr. Maria Pintsaar
from 100€