Valvekliinik – personalized care in the centre of Tallinn


It is very important for pregnant women that they find the most suitable gynaecologist or midwife to monitor them and the fetus throughout the pregnancy.  

In Valvekliinikus, we offer a caring and safe environment with the best diagnostic options. Your pregnancy is monitored by a gynaecologist, who will perform a fetal ultrasound during your every visit along with other normal procedures and tests.

Pregnancy monitoring by a gynaecologist is especially suitable for women:

  • who want to speak directly to a gynaecologist during every visit;
  • who have co-morbidities;
  • who have had health issues during previous pregnancies or have miscarried.

During the first visit, the gynaecologist will consult and give an overview of the Valvekliinik options for pregnancy monitoring and which tests and screenings are necessary during the pregnancy.

Pregnancy monitoring in Valvekliinik is completed according to the pregnancy monitoring guidelines of the Society of Estonian Gynaecologists. All visits and examinations are paid for by the patient.

Gynaecologists appointment
75 €
Pregnancy registration analysis package
185 €
Pregnancy registering package
235 €
Pregnancy second trimester package
120 €
Pregnancy third trimester package
170 €