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We recommend visiting us for a third-trimester ultrasound examination between 30 and 36 weeks of gestation. It is also the best time to take pictures of the fetus’s face, given that the positioning is suitable and there is enough amniotic fluid. 

The gynaecologists of the Valvekliinik perform the third-trimester screenings to assess the following:

  • Fetal position
  • Assumed weight
  • Circulatory parameters
  • Amount of amniotic fluid
  • Placental position
  • The child’s well-being

The third-trimester ultrasound screening also allows specifying the due date, if needed.

You are welcome to third-trimester ultrasound examination alone or with a companion.

*The price of the third-trimester screening is valid for one child, the price is doubled for twins.

Third-trimester ultrasound examination*