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At Valvekliinik, we perform echocardiography of the fetus, i.e. an ultrasound examination of the fetal heart.

The fetal echocardiography analyses the following:

  • How the fetal heart works
  • The construction and development of the fetal heart
  • The blood vessels and system of the fetus
  • The development of the heart as a whole 

We recommend coming to us for fetal echocardiography during the second trimester, more exactly between weeks 19 and 21 of gestation.

We recommend this examination if previous fetal ultrasound examinations have led to suspecting issues with heart failure or arrhythmia, or if the first-trimester screening showed nuchal translucency higher than the norm.

Fetal echocardiography is also recommended if there is a history of heart failure in the family, if the mother suffers from diabetes, an auto-immune disease, or is taking anticonvulsant medicines.

*The price of the echocardiography is valid for one child, the price is doubled for twins.

Fetal echocardiography*