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We recommend coming to a gynaecologist to register your pregnancy around 6-9 weeks of gestation. At the first visit, we will perform a vaginal ultrasound to determine the size, viability and location of the pregnancy, identify the number of fetuses and assess the condition of the ovaries. In addition, it is possible to take tests from the cervix – to perform a PAP test to evaluate the cells of the cervix and to test for chlamydiosis. During the first visit, the gynaecologist will consult and give an overview of the Valvekliinik options for pregnancy monitoring and which tests and screenings are necessary during the pregnancy.

It is recommended that blood tests be performed at 11 weeks of gestation to assess antibodies to various infectious diseases, blood haemoglobin, blood sugar, blood group and rhesus factor, and to perform hormonal tests for the OSCAR test.

It is also possible to give a blood sample after the 10th week of gestation for the Niptify test, which is the most accurate and safest way to assess the risk of chromosome diseases for the fetus. The Niptify test also gives 100% accurate information regarding the sex of the fetus early on in the pregnancy.

Your pregnancy is monitored by a gynaecologist in Valvekliinik, who will perform a fetal ultrasound along with other normal procedures and tests. Pregnancy monitoring in Valvekliinik is completed according to the pregnancy monitoring guidelines of the Society of Estonian Gynaecologists.

Gynaecologists appointment
75 €
Pregnancy registration analysis package
185 €
Pregnancy registering package
235 €
Pregnancy second trimester package
120 €
Pregnancy third trimester package
170 €