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The fetal anatomy screening is considered to be one of the most important pregnancy examinations.

The best time for the second-trimester ultrasound screening is between the 19th and 21st weeks of gestation. By that time all organs of the fetus have developed and the gynaecologist can perform a thorough examination to assess the fetal development and possible deviations.

In the Valvekliinik Gynaecology and Pregnancy Center, we perform the screening using a 3D/4D ultrasound machine, which allows us to be more precise when assessing the anatomic structures of the fetus and ensure the wellbeing of the fetus.

What exactly is examined during the fetal anatomy screening?

  • The anatomic structures of the fetus
  • The fetal heart rate
  • The amount of amniotic fluid 
  • The location and structure of the placenta and umbilical cord attachment to the placenta
  • Assessment of the gestation and adjusting due date, if needed
  • If the parents wish, the gender of the fetus

When the ultrasound examination is complete, the gynaecologist gives the parent(s) an overview of the status of the fetus. If the parent(s) wish, they can get a coloured picture of the fetus as a keepsake for this special moment. 

You are welcome to fetal anatomy screening alone or with a companion.

*The price of the fetal anatomy screening is valid for one child, the price is doubled for twins.

Fetal anatomy screening*