Valvekliinik – personalized care in the centre of Tallinn


Valvekliinik offers their clients a concierge service, a personal doctor service which is an increasingly popular high-quality healthcare service.

We believe that to have good health, one needs to take constant care of themselves. Visiting the same doctor helps achieve good communication and gives the opportunity for the doctor and patient to have a good long-term relationship. This is important for offering a high-quality health care service. If a person can share their problems or worries with a doctor that they trust and can access quickly, if needed, it gives the trust and satisfaction of knowing that they’re in good hands. This is the principle that is central to our concierge doctor’s service.

The concierge doctors of Valvekliinik are dr Maria Pintsaar and dr Ingmar Lindström. The concierge service includes cases requiring more urgent treatment as well as all standard family doctor procedures, including annual health check-ups, vaccinations, additional examinations, etc.

For more information contact us via email or call us +372 5911 0909.