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All sexually active people could undergo regular testing at least once per year. If you have had unprotected sexual intercourse with a new partner and are suspecting that you may have a sexually transmitted disease, we recommend that you visit us for testing 2 weeks after the intercourse. That is because sexually transmitted diseases have an incubation period. If tests are performed before then, they may not show positive even if you are a carrier of the disease.

Both men and women can be tested for sexually transmitted diseases in Valvekliinik. Tests can be performed for specific sexually transmitted diseases, or you can choose our sexually transmitted disease package, in which you will be tested for all of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. We also perform vaccinations for HPV or papillomavirus.

Gynaecologists appointment
75 €
Diagnostics of sexually transmitted diseases (one analysis)
35 €
Gonorrhea (Neisseria Gonorrhoeae) test
35 €
Chlamydia (Chlamydia Trachomatis) test
35 €
Cytology of PAP test
40 €
PAP cytology with HPV analysis
80 €
STDs (Sexually Trasmitted Diseases) test package
115 €
STDs (Sexually Trasmitted Diseases) extended test package
140 €