Valvekliinik now offers pediatrician reception

Starting from November, we will have specialized pediatrician reception available for you at Valvekliinik. You can always turn to our pediatrician if you have questions about your child’s health. The doctor can help with any unexpected health concerns as well as child development questions and problems.

Our pediatrician welcomes all children and adolescents up to and including the age of 18. The doctor conducts routine health check-ups to assess the child’s physical and mental health. The doctor also advises on preventing diseases and vaccinates against infectious diseases.

You are also welcome to visit the pediatrician for help with pediatric illnesses, traumas, and injuries. If necessary, the doctor will perform additional examinations and blood tests to find the best treatment plan for your child.

The Valvekliinik’s pediatrician is dr Natalia Antonova, a doctor with long-term work experience at Tallinn Children’s Hospital.

We currently offer pediatrician reception twice per month, on Fridays between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Please book an appointment on the Valvekliinik web page or visit us without a prior booking. The main purpose of booking an appointment is to speed up the provision of the service. If we know who to expect and what kind of a problem they have, the patient can get faster service at the reception, and we can focus on determining the best treatment.

Infants and children are also welcome to the Valvekliinik on other days when we offer reception by our experienced family practitioners, specialists, and nurses. They can provide the initial health assessment and consult with a pediatrician if needed.

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