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COVID certificate

Valvekliinik will issue the COVID certificate to confirm the following results:

  • If the person has been infected by the SARS-COV-2 virus in the last 180 days (proven by the positive test result)
  • Negative PCR- test
  • Positive PCR- test, which is mainly needed for travel insurance
  • A quantitative IgG antibody test
  • Vaccination certificate- proof that the person has been vaccinated against COVID-19

The COVID certificate is signed and sealed and can be issued in up to four languages: Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish.

The certificate can be issued either on paper, sent to you via e-mail (scanned version), or sent to your location. In case of the latter, a 10€ delivery fee will be added to the cost.

The QR code is not included in the certificate.

The price of providing the certificate starts from 20€.

The certificate will be issued on the same day!

Please choose a suitable payment method and then fill in the application:

Your first name and surname *
Your email address *
In which language do you want the certificate to be issued?
*If you wish to receive the certificate in multiple languages, an additional fee of 10 € will be charged for each additional language..
Your personal identification code / Date of birth *
Your phone number *
Where do you want to collect the certificate? *
Your address*
Sending fee 10€ is added to the certificate fee
Additional information
Have you given a positive test result? *
Please add the date of your positive test result.
Maximum file size: 9 MB
*Valvekliinik makes the decision to issue the certificate in accordance with the current general isolation rules.
*When travelling, it is advised to familiarize oneself with the information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of destination, to be sure of the requirements for entering the country.