Svetlana Kobin

  • 1975 University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine
  • 1976 Internship completed in Pelgulinna Maternity hospital, specializing as a gynecologist

Dr. Svetlana Kobin has worked in the First Tallinn Maternity hospital, the Women’s Clinic of Mustamäe, Sakala Maternity Hospital and in the Gynecology Department in Nõmme. Since 2001 Dr. Svetlana has worked in the Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital, gathering experience in the Department, Emergency Room, Ultrasound Room as well as Women’s Counseling Center.

During years 2011 to 2015 Dr. Svetlana worked as a gynecologist in Finland. Her main employer since 2016 has been the West Tallinn Central Hospital.

Dr. Svetlana Kobin has more than forty years of experience as a gynecologist. She owns an international license for first trimester screenings and has also performed amniocentesis in the past.