Sandra Kase

  • 2018 Riga Stradins University

Dr. Sandra Kase is currently a resident doctor of Oncology. She started actively working in medicine while studying at the University, assisting in surgical operations and continued as an assistant physician at the Hematology and Oncology Clinic of Tartu University Hospital.

After graduation, dr. Sandra applied for residency in Oncology and currently, she has been able to practice in the Tartu University Hospital, East Tallinn Central Hospital, and North Estonian Regional Hospital. In addition to residency, she has worked in the emergency department at East Tallinn Central Hospital.

Dr. Sandra Kase has also enrolled in professional training at the Hospital de la Santa Creu in Sant Pau in Barcelona, ​​Charles University in Prague and Paul Strandins University Hospital in Riga.

Dr. Sandra believes that to become a good and trustworthy doctor, one has to have vast experience and knowledge. Because of this, she finds her work in Valvekliinik to be very important to be able to help patients with more common and also rarer illnesses, while she uses her specialty knowledge.