Kira Weber

  • Tallinn Health Care College, nursing
  • Kholodenko School of Psychology
  • Wiesbaden Psychotherapy Academy, Basic consultant in positive psychoteraphy

Nurse Kira Weber has worked in the field of Psychosomatics since 2013 and has accumulated more than 500 individual hours working with clients during this period.

In addition to regular work with clients, Kira is taking part of a yearly program regarding psychosomatic work in Kiev. You can regularly listen to Kira on Radio 4 and read her articles in “Delovõe Vedomosti”, in which she shares recommendations and comments regarding questions about her specialty. In year 2018, Kira published her first book regarding psychosomatics, which includes recommendations and guidance based on her current counselling career and which can help in the most common issues that her clients have had.