Ingmar Lindström

  • 2001 University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine
  • 2005 Residency in Family Medicine
  • 2005-2007 Doctoral studies in Clinical Pharmacology, including giving lectures and seminars, and making presentations to pharmacology and medical students as well as to practicing doctors.

Dr. Ingmar Lindström has mainly worked in different hospitals and health centers in Finland between 2007 and 2018. He was the Head of the Kuusankoski Health Centre in Finland in 2014-2015, the Head of the Health Centre in the town of Kouvola in 2017 and Head of the Health Centre in the town of Pyhtää in 2018.

Dr. Ingmar has worked as a doctor in a childrens’ department for four years and has more than 3500 hours of on-call experience in Finnish health centers and 1500 hours in hospitals.

Dr. Ingmar Lindström is a graduate of the Estonian School of Diplomacy and the EBS Healthcare Leader Development Program.